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Who We Are

Elm Brook Capital, LLC is a private lending broker with over 20 years of experience. Our focus is short-term loans for real estate investors including fix & flip loans, commercial loans and small business loans. 

We have a large network of access to private capital for investors looking for quick, short term funding. Our years of lending knowledge give us a unique ability to make sure our clients get the most from their real estate investments. Not all loans are cut and dry and we are able to offer resourceful options for investors.  We offer funding throughout most of the United States with emphasis on the New England area. 
Brian Cressy

Brian has over two decades of experience investing in the real estate market. He has flipped several properties in NH, ME and MA and currently owns a diverse portfolio of real estate throughout New England and Florida.


We understand there are numerous circumstances why a traditional loan may not work for you.

Elm Brook Capital, LLC offers innovative solutions for your unique situation.

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